Preventative Maintenance for the Non Auto Mechanic

Car repair and maintenance is costly and is something that we all hope and pray doesn’t come around anytime soon.

A car that doesn’t start is usually our worst nightmare, especially considering how much we rely on our vehicles to complete daily tasks such as driving to work, going to the grocery store etc…

But instead of crossing your fingers every time you start your vehicle, there are a few simple tasks that can be done weekly or even monthly to largely minimize the probability that your vehicle will not be subject to the expensive and inconvenient reality of vehicle repair.

car engine image

“Know Thy Engine” and you will be more than capable of handling basic preventative maintenance.

Preventive Maintenance Tips

By paying proper attention to your car’s maintenance needs, you can save a lot of time, money, and aggravation by avoiding major problems. And the resale value on the vehicle will hold up better as well.  It’s also better than buying a new car every few years in most people’s opinion.

1) Keep an eye on the battery of the car. This is a measure that can be taken each week that is easy and can save you from being subject to being stuck. When looking at the battery, simply make sure it is not leaking any of its acid and always has adequate water. This will insure the battery is working at its optimum level and will give you more use out of it.

2) Check your antifreeze levels periodically. Always make sure you have enough antifreeze in the tank and if the level is low, fill it back up. Make sure that when adding antifreeze, the engine is cool and use a funnel to help guide the harsh chemical directly into the tank.

3) Make sure the change motor oil when needed. It is recommended to change oil every 3,000 miles and that is a safe bet. It is a good idea however to check your oil levels periodically as well. Make sure that when using the dipstick, the car is perfectly horizontal and check to see if the oil is either at the oil level indicator line, or right under it. If the oil is black or a dark deep red color, then you need to get an oil change.

4) Finally, check your air filter every few weeks or months. The air filter helps to clean the air that the car is in taking and is a vital part to the performance of the engine. To check it only takes a few minutes as it is normally under the hood hidden away in a plastic hood. When checking the air filter, make sure the car is turned off.

This is only a few of many simple steps that can be taken to help your car run at its highest potential, prolong vehicle life, and save you on costly repairs.

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