Buying Cars With Bitcoins

I came across an interesting article in the LA Times about a car dealership selling a Tesla for Bitcoins instead of dollars and I decided to take a closer look at what all of this Crypto Currency stuff is all about.

buying a car with bitcoin image

Many people find it crazy that you can buy a car with digital currency.

There are other car sellers accepting Bitcoin too,  Check out the following video:

What Else Can You Buy With Bitcoin?

All kinds of websites and businesses are accepting Bitcoin in payment for goods and services.  Here’s a site called CoinMotors where you can Buy and Sell Cars With Bitcoin.  Interesting stuff in my opinion.

After doing some digging I found that it’s actually real easy to convert your dollars into Bitcoin at sites like  You just hook up your bank account and start buying!

After you have some Bitcoins (or a portion thereof – you can buy 1/1000th of a bitcoin if you want – around 60 cents worth at this writing) you can send them to whoever is willing to take them in exchange for whatever it is that you want.  Cool stuff.

Bitcoin Gambling?

It stands to reason that if all sorts of regular kinds of businesses like car dealerships are accepting bitcoin for payments then there must be casinos that take them too right?

I didn’t find any land based casinos currently accepting them after a quick internet search, but I did find all kinds of online bitcoin casinos, and poker rooms.  Check out Doge Coin Gambling for more info.

More Than One Bitcoin?

There isn’t actually another kind of Bitcoin per se, but there actually are dozens of other crytpo currencies that have sprouted up – many people have heard of Litecoin – but there literally are dozens, if not hundreds of other kinds of crypto coins out there that people are using for trade.

Buy With Caution

It stands to reason that whenever you enter an unfamiliar (and new) realm it pays to proceed with caution.  I’m not quite ready to bet the farm on this new form of payment, but I am dabbling a little.  I’ll let you know how it goes.

How To Buy Bitcoin Video