What Else Can You Buy With Bitcoins?

Since we first started investigating Bitcoin (and alt coins in general) over a year ago – see this article about buying cars with Bitcoins – many things have happened to help this new kind of trading/transaction explode in popularity and use.

Bitcoin Goes Mainstream

With travel sites like Expedia accepting Bitcoin, and huge online retailers like Overstock also accepting it, Bitcoin has really taken off.  There was even a NCAA Football Bitcoin Bowl that helped attract mainstream attention to it.

Bitcoin Pharmacies

There are even online pharmacies accepting Bitcoin (and litecoin and dogecoin).  See the video below.

Can You Play Poker (or gamble) With Bitcoin?

It stands to reason that if people are able to now buy most anything with Bitcoin that there must be some place online to gamble with it too – right?

(by the way – you can even buy Bitcoin with a credit card now)

Well, once again, if you are a gambler, Bitcoin does not disappoint.  See the video below.

What’s Next For Bitcoin and Alt Coins?

In the future some sort of cryptocurrency (maybe not Bitcoin) will most likely be used every day by most every person on the planet for exchange of goods and services.  In many cases this is happening already.  We can’t wait to see what the future will bring.