Benefits of Electric Cars

Choosing a new car can be quite hard and time consuming. In fact, it is even harder when you’re trying to choose between an electric car or traditional gas-powered car.

Electric Car Brands

charging electric car

These days, you can choose from a wide range of electric cars, such as Tesla Model S, Ford Focus Electric and Nissan Leaf.

In this post, we discuss some important benefits of these cars to help you make a good choice. Before you sign papers for the new car, you should read through to the end of this article to learn more about electric vehicles.

Important Benefits

One of the most important benefits of electric vehicles is quite obvious. There is no need for gas.

An average American spends around $2,000 to $4,000 on fuel or gas every year. Thus, it is a big deal.

Fully electric vehicles, such as Nissan Leaf, eliminate the cost of gas. However, it is important to understand that electricity is not free. A standard plug-in hybrid can eliminate a major part of the gas bill, but still uses a gas-range extender.

Top Selling and Most Popular

What About Electric Vehicle Maintenance?

Besides the fuel-saving benefits, electric cars offer other huge cost savings, including maintenance.

Since an electric vehicle is completely electric, it does not use oil to lubricate the car’s engine. Due to this, oil changes are bound to become a thing of the past.

A gas-powered car also requires other oil changes and engine work. With electric vehicles, brakes also don’t wear off quickly. Therefore, you do not have to spend a lot of money on maintenance.

While these cars are not among some of the top selling cars in the world they are getting more and more popular, especially among city drivers.

nissan leaf imageLess Expensive?

Electric vehicles can be less expensive to own. In addition to this, they are also less costly to buy.

For instance, Nissan Leaf costs around $30,000. This isn’t a small number. But when you factor in various tax credits, you notice some major savings. These include a major saving of $7,500 on federal income tax.

Tax Credits and Incentives

A lot of states offer tax credits when you purchase an electric vehicle. Due to this, a car costing $30,000 costs way below $20,000. Lease payments on electric cars can also be enticing. The leasing company benefits from the tax credit, and pays it forward on the driver’s savings.

Going Green

Last but not the least, there’s another important benefit of purchasing an electric car. A lot of drivers feel satisfied when they know they’re doing their part for the planet. Thus, you shouldn’t wait for buying an electric car.

With a lot of benefits, purchasing an electric car always proves to be a great choice. However, you should choose only a reputable dealer.

The World’s Top Five Most Popular and Best-Selling Cars

These are the cars you probably need if you desire to stand out from the crowd. Data released by foucs2move indicates that approximately 5,175,000 cars were sold all over the world in January 2015, and this saw an increase of 4% over the same period in 2014.

Keep reading to discover the most popular cars in the world.

toyota corolla imageToyota Corolla

Forbes asserts that the Corolla has been a mainstay in the industry since 1966.

Although its design has never been flashy, the car’s affordability and fuel efficiency, which is currently at 35 mpg, has made it the top seller of all time with over 37.5 sold to date.

Currently, the base model goes at $16,130. Aside from being the most reliable, the Corolla is among the long-lasting vehicles, and a number of consumers have reported about 200,000 miles on their odometers.

ford f150Ford F-Series

This pick-up truck made its debut in 1948 and was the best-selling car in 2011.

It is currently number two on the all-time most popular and best-selling cars with 35 million models sold so far.

Ideally, the current average price for the base model is $22,900, but these trucks with all the options can go for over $40,000.00.

This more fuel-efficient truck produces powerful horsepower and torque but still affordable; thus, preferred by most car buyers.

volkswagen golf imgaeVolkswagen Golf

When it was first introduced in 1974, Volkswagen Golf was originally referred to as the “Rabbit”.

It is the most inexpensive Volkswagen model with a starting price of $17,995.

To date, the company has sold 27.5 million of these models. According to the U.S. News & World Report, Volkswagen Golf has claimed the number six spot as far as most affordable compact cars is concerned.

This car not only comes with a diesel engine but also is fun and quick, making it popular amongst many consumers. Additionally, the small wheelbase and great handling make it an amazing car to drive.

volswagen beetleVolkswagen Beetle

The “bug”, as it is commonly known, hit the market in 1933, and has so far seen its design make some little changes.

Volkswagen Beetle has been a well-loved vehicle for more than 20 years, selling over 23 million to date. It became more popular in 1968 when Walt Disney produced a movie titled “The Love Bug” to idolize it further.

In the 1990s, the company re-introduced a newer and sleeker model, making Volkswagen Beetle a favorite for a new generation. Currently, the base model goes at $20,000, and the turbo model costs $30,000.

ford escortFord Escort

Ford has sold over 20 million Escorts since 1968 regardless of being taken off the line of production in 2000.

Ford introduced the Escort in a four-door wagon models or two-door hatchback to compete with the Japanese models that were dominating the compact-car scene. The car’s popularity grew in the mid-1990s after several changes were made on the engine and body.

The base model currently costs below $12,000. Ford Escort is popular all over the world given that car buyers are in search of more fuel economy as gas prices keep on rising.

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The auto industry has been producing millions of cars and hundreds of different models for more than a century and they have been getting more reliable and more efficient all along the way.

Given that the economy is dynamic, consumers needs and wants change year after year.

Consequently, the gas prices that keep on rising make most consumers prefer economical and reliable cars – even electric cars – and they don’t want to do car maintenance on a weekly basis.

Better To Run Than To Drive?

While some of the newest electric cars like the Tesla Roadster promise (and achieve) as many as 100 miles per charge, what’s the sense in investing tens of thousands of dollars in a “green” vehicle if you live in the city and very rarely travel more than a few miles to work or for shopping?

tesla roadster image

While driving an electric car like the Tesla Roadster might make you feel more “green”, many folks are better off walking or running instead.

Many people have figured out that living in close proximity to their work enables them to get rid of their vehicles altogether. They like to walk, or ride their bike to get where they need to go. After six months or so of daily physical exercise some of these people find they are in such great shape that they can start running 5K races, or even longer ones.

Something to think about for those considering an electric car – why not just walk or run instead?