Better To Run Than To Drive?

While some of the newest electric cars like the Tesla Roadster promise (and achieve) as many as 100 miles per charge, what’s the sense in investing tens of thousands of dollars in a “green” vehicle if you live in the city and very rarely travel more than a few miles to work or for shopping?

tesla roadster image

While driving an electric car like the Tesla Roadster might make you feel more “green”, many folks are better off walking or running instead.

Many people have figured out that living in close proximity to their work enables them to get rid of their vehicles altogether. They like to walk, or ride their bike to get where they need to go. After six months or so of daily physical exercise some of these people find they are in such great shape that they can start running 5K races, or even longer ones.

Something to think about for those considering an electric car – why not just walk or run instead?